What if you could Drive as Fast as an Airplane?

I have somewhat of an answer for you!

While driving from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas this past weekend, I figured I had the perfect opportunity to tackle this question. So I propped my GoPro on the dashboard of our rental car, set the cruise control to 80 mph, and hit record.

I captured about a half hour of footage before the SD card filled up, but that proved to be more than enough. What you see below is the footage, some of which is sped up to create the illusion of traveling 511 mph which is the cruising speed of a Boeing 737. I chose that plane only because I often fly Southwest, and that is their go-to model.

So if you were ever thinking Boy, I wish I had decided to fly instead of drive, this is how fast* you could be going:

What if You could Drive as Fast as an Airplane? from Logan Joecks on Vimeo.

So, crunching the numbers, the footage was sped up 6.4x to achieve the effect.

* Even faster because planes fly like crows.