Logan Joecks

Logan Joecks

Web Developer

Location:Boston, MA

About Me

I am a web developer by trade and a problem-solving, technology-enthusiast at heart.

I enjoy interpreting and visualizing any kind of data you can throw at me, and javascript seems to be the best vehicle nowadays. D3.js helps a lot too!

When I'm not developing the web, I also enjoy hiking, basketball, playing guitar, and spending time with my wife Celie and brand new baby son, Henry.

Latest Project

uX (Business and IT: together at last!)

Update: view a live demo of the app here: http://uxapp-sandbox.herokuapp.com (might be taken down any time)


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uX was a product developed by Orsyp Software on which I was the sole Front-end Developer. It made heavy use of AngularJS and D3.js, as well as a host of other UI javascript libraries.

Despite its nondescript title, uX was actually a powerful, enterprise-level, SaaS web app that sought to correlate business and IT metrics, allowing high level executives to draw conclusions as to how their IT performance was affecting their revenue and vice versa.

I worked on a team of five developers using Agile methodology. We had two-week sprints, each ending with a product demo for our stakeholders where we showcased our progress and received feedback.

View the video below to check out the UI in action. Screencasts and stills thanks to Quintin Marcus, the UX designer.

AngularJS D3.js
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Personal Projects

Family Oscar Competition

Family Oscar Competition

My wife's family competes in an annual Oscar pool, and they take it very seriously. Unsatisfied with the inefficiency of exchanging sheets of paper, I made it my mission to streamline the process for them this year. Now, participants can authenticate through Facebook to make their picks and then are able to view their standings live in realtime on Oscar night.

In building this app, I got to make use of three-way data-binding through Firebase and AngularJS. As winners were announced throughout the night, I would add add the data in Firebase, which would immediately update the users' view and model. No refresh required! The users' standings were then animated using D3.js

AngularJS D3js Firebase

Friends Map *

Friends Map

Visualize your Facebook friends’ location or hometown using Google Maps.

I’ve always loved maps, so I wanted to create something that utilized the Google Maps API. I combined that with Facebook’s API and created something that might actually be helpful to people!

Google Maps API Facebook API Bootstrap 2.0

Facebook Mutual Friends *

Facebook Mutual Friends

Log in with Facebook, select one of your friends, and visualize the connections between all of the friends you share.

I couldn’t find an existing app that visualizes my friends the way I wanted, so I decided to take a crack at it. I got some good experience with the Facebook JavaScript SDK and Graph API

arbor.js Facebook API JQuery UI



Sign up and visualize your accomplishments in life by entering sentences about yourself.

This app is written in PHP using the Laravel Framework. Data is represented using the arborjs visualization library. I made extensive use of the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships in Laravel’s Eloquent ORM to represent the complex connections between a graph’s categories, verbs, and nouns. It marks my first foray into a full-fledged, user-based, back-end app.

PHP Laravel arbor.js Bootstrap 2.0
* Unfortunately, when Facebook rolls out Graph API v2.0 on 12/25/2014, the/me/friendsAPI endpoint will not return your full list of friends, thus limiting the value of these apps. A sad loss of basic functionality
The Facebook API apparently still returns the same list of friends that the apps expect. Not sure what's going on.